Decepticon Transforming Transformer Tank Halloween Costume




The tank, mask and gun are made from free cardboard, 2 lights, craft sticks "for tracks", glue "glue gun", paint " 6 cans black, 1 can of grey", elastic 3ft, duck tape "1 big roll", and 1 long sleeve shirt free.. It cost under 35.00 to make and i spent about 4 hrs a day for 5 days. Sorry I don't have steps as I worked on it but it was fairly simple to build because this was my first at building a Transforming Decepticon Transformer.If i missed something or if you need a inside picture let me know and thanks for looking.You can also vote for Dalton's costume in the Halloween Contest on Instructables.I got to say that last night we went trick-or-treating and walked a long way house to house but my son transformed so many times for people who took pictures, and videos. Everyone was talking about his costume and he even got extra candy for transforming. His costume held up great. If you haven't tried to make one you should. Kids love these Transforming Costumes.

Step 1: Main Top Box

I had to use a box that my son would fit under. He gets down in the position where his back is over his legs that are bent. I first took a box for the top part and curved the front edges at top and bottom using tape and glue gun. Next I cut where it would fold backwards and added tape and glue. I glues the edges of all tape for better adhesion anywhere i put tape. I painted the entire box inside and out black.

Step 2: The Cannon

The cannon was made from empty Christmas paper rolls and PVC pipe. I inserted a PVC sleeve on back side of cardboard where I cut a hole out the inserted a piece of PVC pipe into the sleeve. I then added a PVC reducer and inserted the paper roll into it. I drill holes into the end of the paper roll. I painted everything and and glued it all in.

Step 3: Tracks

The tracks where made from a narrow cardboard box in which i cut one side out. Once i cut the one side out i made a cut on top and bottom in middle so the box would fold outwards. I rounded the ends of the boxes. I glued the flat craft sticks every couple inches all the way around. Where the box hinges I added extra tape and glue to the inside and out so it would not separate. I cut out round disk in which i cut small holes and and glued them on. Then I painted everything. Where the box folds is where my sons knee was. I used elastic inside to keep it strapped to his legs.

Step 4: Back Side

I added a flap to the back side, then cut out a Decepticon logo and glued it to the back. I added a lid on top that was made from cardboard circles.

Step 5: The Lights

I cut 2 holes out for lights. The lights were 1.00 each "Walmart". The lights had a push button on front so in order to activate the lights from inside i glued a nut to the button so that when the light is pushed on the side it turns the light on. I taped the lights inside and glued the edges of tape.

Step 6: Diamond Plate Design and Shirt Design

I printed off a diamond plate design then traced it onto cardboard. I cut out all the holes. I used the grey paint and my template to paint the design on. I also used the diamond template and Decepticon template to paint the shirt also.

Step 7: Hanging the Box to Back

I glued the elastic into the back section box on his back and then tied the elastic to his belt loops. I cut two slits into the top of the shirt to bring the elastic under the shirt so they cant be seen. The gun was made from cardboard as well as the Decepticon mask then painted.



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    Completely and totally awesome!! Great work!

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