Decision Maker 2000

Introduction: Decision Maker 2000

Have difficulty making decisions? Are life changing decisions better left to chance? Now with the Decision Maker 2000, it's easy! You and your friends can make important decisions without effort. Let the Decision Maker 2000 answer important questions like:
- Should I marry her/him?
- Is it benign or malignant?
- Does mommy love me?

The Decision Maker 2000 was designed by ChristheCarpenter. You can get the kit and schematic from Gadget Gangster. The kit is fifteen bucks, comes with everything and is pre-programmed. But, if you'd like to gather the parts yourself, you'll need the following.

Parts list

  • 2x330 ohm resistors
  • 1x10k ohm resistor
  • 1x1M ohm resistor
  • Gadget Gangster project board (boss board)
  • 10 uF Cap
  • 8 Pin Dip Socket
  • 3xAA battery holder (and batteries)
  • 1x Red LED
  • 1x Green LED
  • 22Ga Hookup wire
  • And a programmed PICaxe 08M.

You'll also need a soldering iron, solder, and wire cutters. Build time is about 20 Minutes and is an easy build.

Here's a little video demonstration

How to Use It

The Decision Maker 2000 is a Decision Making assistant. Simply place your fingers on each of the 'decision probes' (the metal pads at [Pc] and [Pf]) and let the Decision Maker calculate the best decision. When you're confident the Decision Maker has had enough time to calculate, just lift your finger to see the result.

Grab the kit at Gadget Gangster and get started building! Go the next page for step 1.

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Step 1: Socket and Resistors

Add the DIP socket so that Pin 1 goes in the hole marked PIC and the notch looks like the photo.

Add the 330 Ohm resistors (Orange - Orange - Brown) to the board
K25 - P25
K26 - P26

Step 2: Remaining Resistors

With a bit of excess lead, add a jumper from T32 - T31

Add the 10K resistor (Brown - Black - Orange) from E27 - J27

Add the 1M resistor (Brown - Black - Green) from F26 - G26. This resistor doesn't lay down, but goes straight up and down (transistor radio style)

The longer lead of the green LED goes in S25. Short lead goes in T25

The shorter lead of the red LED goes in S26. Long lead goes in T26 (Yes, this is opposite of most LED's)

Step 3: Connecting the Decision Probes

The Decision Maker makes a complex set of very scientific measurements through the Decision Probes.

Take a bit of hookup wire, but one end through one of the several small holes in the metal area at [Pf], the other end connects to J26.

For the other pad, use a bit of hookup wire to connect H1 to one of the small holes at [Pc].

When your project is complete, you'll simply place a finger at each of the Decision probes, and lift a finger to receive your decision. If you want to get fancy, you can use a metal spacer through the big holes in the Decision Probes and connect a penny to each, as shown in the pictures on Gadget Gangster.

Step 4: Finishing Up

Connect the battery box, the red wire goes at T2, the black wire goes at T3. You can thread the power wire through the holes at the bottom left of the board for stress relief. Add the capacitor at [Pe] so the stripe is closer to [Pe].

Add batteries and insert the PICaxe in the socket (the notch as indicated in the photo). That's it! If you buy this kit on Gadget Gangster, the PICaxe will come pre-programmed. there's also a schematic to download and the source code.

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    5 Discussions


    10 years ago on Introduction

    Could you build this project with-out the "Gadget Gangster project board" or could you just use any old breadboard.

    Phil B
    Phil B

    10 years ago on Introduction

    This looks like a fun project, a sort of electronic Eight Ball or pair of dice. I do not know that I would make a serious life decision based on it. Decision making is often tough work. Sometimes I am able to make a decision by sleeping on it for about three weeks. By that time I know what I must do. Otherwise, it is a process of gathering as much information as possible and evaluating the pro's and the con's. Whatever decision is reached, there will almost always be some downside to the decision with which one must live into the future.

    Gadget Gangster
    Gadget Gangster

    Reply 10 years ago on Introduction

    How can you make a serious life decision without it? The Decision Maker utilizes a scientifically PROVEN method of making decisions. While everyone else is enjoying life, confident in their decisions, you're sleeping in for 3 weeks. Like a bear. I think the project is technically a coin-flipper because it only delivers 1 of 2 results. The 'Magic' 8 Ball often delivers ambiguous results ('Reply Hazy' or 'Ask Again Later'), and even the affirmative results can be unclear ('Very Doubtful' or 'Most Likely'), but the Decision Maker is CONFIDENT and doesn't require unreliable magic. The Decision Maker 2000 is the take-charge, magic-free decision making assistant.


    Reply 10 years ago on Introduction

    ... I totally agree with that. That said, I use my music player to make decisions for me. I called this "iTunes-o-mancy" back in 2004 but have since gone off iTunes so do it with whatever music player is handy.

    To perform iTunes-o-mancy, open up your media player and put it on shuffle. Start a song, then pause it. Intone "Oh great and wise iTunes, " and then phrase an open-ended and general question in such a way that an arbitrary song title could plausibly be an answer.

    "Should I fire Dave", "How many calories should I eat" and "Where are my car keys" are examples of unsuitable questions. Suitable questions more often take the form "How should I deal with XYZ" or "What should I do about XYZ".

    Example session
    Oh great and wise Windows Media Player, how shall I comment on this Instructable?"
    Sim City - Glorious Future
    Am I to understand that you wish me to tell nmcclana that they should keep making electronics Instructables?
    Hundred Reasons - Harmony
    Yes, the drum machine was good- more audio based Instructables?
    Blackstreet - No Diggity
    I'll take that as a "yes"- OK, will do

    nmcclana, I predict a "glorious future" for you if you keep making cool electronics gadgets like this one and the drum machine.

    Hmm, I'm hungry- oh great and wise Windows Media Player, what should I have for dinner?
    Chemical Brothers - Galvanize

    Of course, it doesn't always work...