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Introduction: Deck Support Table

I recently built a deck but I still use the concrete pad underneath the deck in order to grill and store yard stuff. I moved my table and chairs up to the deck and I did not have any flat surfaces to set dishes on when I was using the grill. I decided to use the center support pole of the deck to build a table around. These do not take up a lot of room but they are very functional. If you wanted, you could build one of these tables around each support beam that you have under your deck.

Step 1: Wood Pieces and Tools

4 - 2x10 approximately 2' long

8 - 2x6 blocks 2" long

4 - 2x6 cut on angles shown

49 - 2.5" exterior screws (If you have a range of exterior screws between 2" and 3", all of the could be used. Be careful not to screw all the way through wood.)

Saw (Hand, Circular, Table)




Exterior Screw Drill Bit (usually comes with box of exterior screws)


Measuring Tape

Step 2: Table Top

Measure 2' sections of the 2x10

Use square to mark 45 degree angles on both ends

Cut 45 degree angles cuts off both ends

*If you have a better saw than I do, you may be able to cut these 4 pieces out side by side. I tried this once and it messed up my angles.

Step 3: Support Pieces

Use the 2x6 to cut out the support pieces

You will need 8 pieces 2" long

You will need 4 of 2x6 cut to form the center support pieces. One side of the 2x6 measures 1.5" and the other measures 8". Use square to connect two marks and cut along line.

Step 4: Build/Attach Support Pieces

To create the support pieces for each side of the 6x6 deck support, fit one 2x6 triangle piece in between two of the 2' 2x6 blocks

Use four screws to connect these three pieces together. Two on each side of the 2" blocks. Repeat four times

When this step is complete, you should have four complete support pieces. One for each side of the 6x6 support beam

Measure the height you would like your table to be. (I measured a height for a standing bar table. approximately 4' This is based on personal preference)

Use pencil to mark the height on all sides of the support beam

Use the drill and exterior bit to attach the support pieces to each side of the 6x6 support beam

I used the level in between each side of the support pieces to make sure I was level all the way around. (If your pencil marks are accurate, you probably would not have to use the level.

Step 5: Setup and Attach the Top

Place each of the four top pieces on the support pieces

Use the level to see how they sit (You may be able to adjust height slightly with shims if the tops are slightly not level)

Use four screws to connect the top pieces together. Screw into the sides of the 2x10 in order to connect the four pieces. DO NOT TIGHTEN ONE SCREW ALL THE WAY UNTIL YOU HAVE STARTED ALL FOUR SCREWS.

Once you have started all four screws, position top over the supports and make sure it is level one more time.

Tighten all four screws. (This should make the top tighten against the 6x6 support beam)

If everything is level, use the last four screws to screw through the support triangles into the bottom of the top pieces. BE CAREFUL NOT TO GO ALL THE WAY THROUGH THE TOP.

Step 6: Final Product

Enjoy you built in deck table!

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    4 years ago

    you should make it foldable somehow so it can be removed out of the way when not in use. I guess it's for bbqing?