Deck Chair / Rocking Chair


Introduction: Deck Chair / Rocking Chair

A cool wooden Deck chair which also rocks gently, perfect for relaxing in the sun / sunbathing.
This design can be taken apart for easy storage. It has a nice smooth feel to it and curves to fit the shape of your body. Very comfortable especially if you have a cushion like mat between you and the chair.
The top layer of the chair is made of lots of fin ply wood glued together and bent round a jig as shown in the pictures, I repeated this step   a few times until It was strong enough not to brake. 
A fun project,it was a little difficult to build but worth it.

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    Nice design! How did you figure out the curvature to fit you? I'd love to make something like this with narrow wood slats instead of bending the ply as you did. You have a lot of clamps! PLEASE post a full Instructable, or add a template here for the sides! Even a graph paper drawing to scale will be very helpful. Thanks!

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    I am planning on adding more pictures and designs when i get home as it is disassembled there, so I will be able to show the different parts and how you assemble it. I will also add a graph paper drawing of the sides.
    Glad you like it!

    great project, would like to see pics separated into steps with more description of what pic is showing. having said that very fine job.

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    Thanks I will try to do that as I have to disassemble it this week end to transport it so I will try and upload some pictures of its different sections.