Decolonize Your Frybread Make It Speak Your Indigenous Language

As we know frybread is not exactly a colonialism free food and its also probably not all that great for you to eat a ton of it. Unless maybe your are super active.... Or trying to survive an attempt to starve your people in order to force them to give away sacred land.... Or just an attempt to starve your people in general..... Otherwise know as colonialism and genocide.

But frybread it is REALLY TASTY.

Unfortunately this project doesn't solve any of those problems directly but it does show you how to connect frybread, or any slightly conductive thing to your computer, and have your computer say the word for it in your language. With the goal of inspiring creative ideas.

This project is intended for Indigenous immersion language learning spaces as a basic outline and example of how some new gadgets and technology could be used to support language learning in a funny way. You could also use this project to teach basics of computer programing.

Step 1: Decolonize

Be kind. Be happy. Be generous. Take care of your relatives. Take care of the earth. Speak your language. Live in a good way. Do something kind for an elder or anyone.

No matter who you are or where your are take an action that supports the Indigenous rights movement, that returns Indigenous land to Indigenous care, supports tribal sovereignty in a good way. Enact decolonization.

Step 2: Connect a Makey Makey to Your Computer

Connect the Makey Makey to your computer. You could also do this without a Makey Makey and make your own circuit if you want to do some more intense making and programing. Makey Makey is open source hardware and their design is online.

Step 3: Connect the Makey Makey to the Frybread

Connect the Makey Makey to the frybread, and/or any other slightly conductive things you would like to connect, and connect the other cable to a ground or your finger as Makey Makey suggests.

Step 4: Find a Way to Play Audio

On the computer either download something that links a key press to playing and audio file Soundplant is one option

If you don't want to download something just open like Scratch in a web browser that can record and play an audio file and can also be an intro into other coding options.

Or simply open an audio file on your computer that usually has the spacebar as its default play button.

Step 5: Record the Word for Frybread in Your Language

Record or upload or open a short audio file of the word for frybread in your language.

Or if you want you could have the frybread give a long speech. That part is up to you.

Step 6: Enjoy

press the frybread and it will say its name in your language.



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