Decorate Your Airwalks/Converse Shoes!!



Are you still wearing your shoes the way you found them at the store? Spice 'em up a bit, you want to look good in those things! 

Step 1: You Will Need...

safety pins
other pins
embroidery floss
colored sharpie 
cool shoe laces

Step 2: Lace 'em Up!!

You want people to "Hey nice shoes" so don't leave them laced as they were in the store. Use different colored laces or laces with a design on them. Then lace them up. I used the lattice method but you can use any you want from this sight. 

Step 3: 1, 2, 3, Draw!!

Time to break out those sharpie markers. Draw a design on that white part up at the toe of the shoe or you could fill them in with a color to match the shoe laces you chose.

Step 4: Of Beads and Pins

Put some beads on safety pins cause you can also make these nifty things called friendship pins. Attach these to your shoe laces. Any other pins you have can also go on your shoe laces. 

Step 5: Goodbye!!

well thats my instructable. I hope you will look cool in school. This is my first instructable so please vote for me!!



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