Decorate a Box


To make this gift box you will need following material:-

Cardboard box, All purpose adhesive glue, Jute, PVA Glue, Tissue Paper, Acrylic Paint (Black, Mitis Green and Golden), Glue Gun, Plastic ball and Scissors.

Step 1: Base

Take a cardboard box and draw a design on it. Paste jute on this design with glue (All purpose adhesive). Let it dry.

Step 2: Making of Texture

Take a piece of tissue paper and paste it on the box with mixture of PVA glue and water. Also paste tissue paper both side of the box. Let it dry.

Step 3: Coloring

Paint this box with Acrylic black. Give shade of Acrylic Mitis Green. Now give shade with acrylic golden. Let it dry. Take a plastic ball color on it and let it dry. Paste this ball on the box.

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