Decorate Your House With Old T-shirts

Introduction: Decorate Your House With Old T-shirts

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If you have various (or only one..) loved T-shirts but you cannot use it now, You can decorate your room or your house with cadres made with wood frames and your T-shirt.

this instructable is easy to made, and suitable for childrens or teenagers in summer.

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Step 1: Advertising

This instructable will cut your T-shirt and you cannot wear it anymore.

Step 2: Tools and Materials

1 wood frame from my previously instructable (but in this case you must resized it according to T-shirt picture) :

1 t-shirt

1 A3 sheet of transparent plastic like those used for covering books.

1 stapler with staples ( manual or automatic )

Step 3: Cut Your T-shirt

cut your t-shirt, don't cut near the picture because we need almost 5 cm ( 2") free for fixing it to the frame.
cut it near the neck and along the side, like the picture.

Step 4: Frame and Staple

Frame your T-shirt and stapling in the order of picture 2. Don't leave any wrinkle, but not stretch more because it can deform the picture.

My recommendation: stretch softly until the wrinkle disappear, stapling in the correct order.

The corners are very important, fold each corner like a gift box, all corners identical.

Step 5: Protect Your Work

with the transparent sheet, do the same. stapling in the same order and don't leave any wrinkle. the corners equal, fold like a gift box.

Step 6: Work Done

The work is finished, and your can put your loved T-shirt in any place of your home.

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