Decorate Your Locker

Introduction: Decorate Your Locker

About: Hey so here is a bit about me... I LOVE DIY!! I have made a locker shelf from scratch, a magnetic whiteboard out of ordinary home supplies, and many more! So basically if you request it I will make it and sh...

Decorate ur locker with these simple tips xx

Step 1: Make a Whiteboard!

plz follow me to find out how to make it (make tutorial soon)

Step 2: Make a Pencil Holder.

Make a pencil holder simply by cutting diagonally down the box and then decorate. Place an adhesive magnet on the back.

Step 3: Mirror

place a magnet on the back of a pocket mirror.

Step 4: Brighten It Up!

Add a battery lamp or some battery LED candles!

Step 5:



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    I decided to make a step by step one instead cuz I thought it would be easier for you guys! follow me and check it out! xx

    I thought u were gonna make a vid on how to make a white board

    Can't wait for those vids liv!!