Decorated Cupcakes.

Introduction: Decorated Cupcakes.

Grab some cupcakes and start creating!

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Step 1: Make the Cupcakes...

Bake your own or use a cake mix.   I use the Pillsbury Moist Supreme (any flavor) because they turn out 24 perfect cupcakes every time and Pillsbury Creamy Supreme Icing because I'm lazy and it tastes great.   Chocolate, Strawberry & Cream Cheese are the only flavors used & all the other colors are made with the Cream Cheese & food coloring.

Step 2: Lay Out Your Tools...

Disposable Icing Bags, assorted tips, Food Coloring & empty icing containers for mixing colors.

Step 3: The Decorations...

Assorted Sprinkles,  Balls, Shapes, Glitter & Eyeballs.

Step 4: Set Aside Several Hours and Start Decorating!

Mix up as many colors as you want, fill the Icing Bags and get going.   Use a large work area because you are going to be laying out all your Icing bags and decorations.

Step 5: The Cupcake Song!

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