Decorating Your Stuff With a Dremel

A while ago I made a vase from plywood. And now I wanted to decorate it. I went into the garden one took a picture of our magnolia tree.  I sketched the picture (magnolia flower). Then I drew the magnolia flower on the wood with a white pencil and then carved him with a dremel in the vase. I had so much fun that i engraved more wooden boards with the dremel.

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    6 years ago on Introduction

    Very honestly I do not know how big the tip is (size). After a few minutes of using the dremel the dremel became so hot that I could not hold on him. Then I took the dremel apart. Maybe I could make him. But when I had put the dremel together again had the dremel still the same problem. I really wanted to continue with my project. So I looked for a solution. then I remembered that we had a pedicure Manicure in the closet. And that the tip was the same size like the dremel. a little bit crazy but I could finish my project ;) .

    sanitas sma 35.jpg

    That looks cool! How did you carve it with the dremel? What type of tip did you use?