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Over spring break, a friend and I painted my bedroom, and decided to redecorate. Retailers can charge ridiculous prices for things that add a "vintage" feel to a room. My friend and I visited our local thrift store, and found some pretty cool stuff. Records, at 40 cents a piece! Not to mention all kinds of super neat furniture for under $50.

For this Instuctable, you will only need two things

- records, commonly found in a local thrift store

-lots of pushpins

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Step 1: Finding Your Records

Look online for local thrift stores near you. Spend a day looking for records, They can range from 10 cents to $2 a piece. When you find your records, make sure to find ones that appeal to you. My thrift store had a huge box of records to choose from, so I selected the ones with cases that I liked the most.

Step 2: Hang Them on the Wall!

After I purchased my records, I noticed they were a bit dusty. I cleaned them off with warm water, and then used thumbtacks to attach them to the wall. You can arrange them however you like. The total cost for me was about $20. My bedroom has a very vintage feel, and I always receive compliments on my super affordable decor.

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