Decorative Bicycle Light

Introduction: Decorative Bicycle Light

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Much like a hood ornament, this decorative light will show the world that you are approaching!

Using an LED, a CR2032 battery, a drinking bird ( and a printed base, you can add a bird to your bicycle.

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Step 1:

Print out a base:

or create one using Sugru or wood.

Step 2:

Clip away part of the drinking bird's base.  This is done so that the tie wrap will slide through later.

Step 3:

Glue the bird's base to the bicycle mount.

Step 4:

Attach two wire wrap wires to the LED--positive will go to the longer lead.

Step 5:

Secure the LED/wire assembly to the bird's beak using wire.  I used magnet wire.

Step 6:

Attach wires to the battery.  I used aluminum duct tape.

Step 7:

Put the battery on top of the bird's hat.  I used blue painter's tape.

I secured the bird's midsection with magnet wire; otherwise, he will spin and bounce rather wildly.

Step 8:

Slide the tie wrap under the bird's base.

Step 9:

Secure the tie wrap to the bicycle handlebar.

Step 10:

Have fun!

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