Decorative Bowl From Old Newspaper





Introduction: Decorative Bowl From Old Newspaper

I teams that would normally end up in thrash in to something beautiful or useful.

Step 1: Materials Need:


Old Newspaper

Acrylic paint your favor color

Paint brushes

White glue

Bamboo stick


Hot glue gun & sticks


Step 2:


first with the help of the bamboo stick star

rolling the newspaper from a corner of the newspaper

and finish rolling to the other corner and glueing the edges at the end

to made a newspaper stick

Step 3:

Now with your fingers started to flatten it

then fold it in a size about 3 1/2 inches and star rolling around it.

when you got to the end of the stick use the hot glue

to join it to another stick

and keep building a perfect circle and continue

rolling using the hot glue to keep it together until the desired size

Step 4:

When your circle is completed use your hands to push up and

press to made a plate

up and press forming of a bowl

when the bowl is made applied one coat of white glue,

allowing it to dry completely

added another two coats of glue to the inside and out side

of the bowl and let em dry.

now paint the bowl of your favor color and lacquer in spray to finish it.



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    6 Discussions

    I still have a very big box with wrapping paper from our removal (it looks like it multiply itself) and I know what I gone make next. Did you make the flower balls as well?

    1 reply


    the flowers ball was gift from my family my next post will be making ball for the plate.

    yes! the paint stick even to the hot glue and used the hot glue to the end of the bowl pressing hard and securing with hot glue again.

    does the paint stick even to the hot glue? Or do you have to be careful not to put it any place that will show at the end?