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Introduction: Decorative Box

Rather then throw things out I like to try and revamp them so they can be reused. This wooden box I have had since a child and it had seen better days till I let loose and made it pretty again. Easy project.

Step 1: Clean Up

Firstly I cleaned the box and removed all the old stickers. I didn't bother to sand the box although I probably should have done but I still think it came out ok.

Step 2: Paint

I painted the box in Matt White emulsion as felt the Matt effect would hide more imperfections on the box rather then highlight them. I let this dry then did a second coat and left overnight to dry properly. After this all I did was use craft glue to stick cabochons and other pretty little crystals and pearls all over the top of the box. I added a strip of diamanté and then a small bow to the old keyhole to hide it.

Step 3: Finished

Once this dried I chose to leave the box but you could line the inside with pretty wallpaper or fabric to give it a new lease of life. And there you go finished!

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    5 years ago on Introduction

    Hey, nice revamp of your wooden box! That looks like it got a brand new life. Well done!