Decorative Kleenex Cover

Introduction: Decorative Kleenex Cover

This is a nice decorative Kleenexbox Cover that was made with the laser cutter at TechShop in Chandler, AZ
I found a website that will make a layout for a box and though I could use it for making my first laser cutter project.
The website is
I put in the dimensions for a Kleenex box in mm. 133 mm tall, 119 mm deep and 116 mm wide
I used a 1/8 inch birch plywood so I put in 3.25 mm thickness
Next you hit "Advanced Options" to allow you to put in the cut width that I had calculated to 0.3
I left Notch Length in Auto
Hit Design It and it will create a pdf file that you can import into CorelDraw or a software of your choice.
In CorelDraw I ungrouped the picture.
I deleted the bottom piece of the box and edited the side pieces to get the bottom end straight.
I used the Ellipse tool to make a hole in the top piece of 98 mm wide and 64 mm high.
I had a picture that I copied in on each side.
After the printout on the laser cutter I cleaned of the cuts with some rubbing alcohol and then snapped the pieces together.
I made it at TechShop

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