Decorative Shelf Thing

Introduction: Decorative Shelf Thing

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I forgot to take pics along the way, so I'll do my best to just describe this reclaimed wood sign, shelf, and hat (or coat) hanger).

Step 1: Just a Few Materials

Some reclaimed old fencing
Two L brackets
Few screws I found laying around
4 mug hooks
And craft paint.

You can see that I cut the wood to size so it'd take up the shape seen here.

Step 2: Holding It Together

It's held together by two beams of (yup) reclaimed scrap wood, and some rusty screws, and brackets as seen.

I added a string/wire screwed into said beams/ribs --by which it hangs.

Step 3: Not Just a Sign...

I added function by screwing in 4 mug hooks underneath the shelf/lip.

Step 4: Design or Advertise

I painted my family name on the front w white to contrast the grayish green paint already on the fence material. It added a nice contrast and washed look. The yellow just helps w accenting the white lettering.

Add a few small touches like nicknacks, and you're done!

Just hang it up:)

Step 5: Function N Design

I like this in my family room. Adding some rustic touches to it, it really helps fill in the white walls. The mug hooks will be used for things like hats and scarves, or even light sweaters.

This took about 30 minutes to put together after thinking it up.


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    5 years ago on Introduction

    Hey, that's pretty darn cool. The hand painted lettering is especially impressive. Love the way this turned out!