Decorative Wall Clock

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In this instructable, I made a DIY “Decorative Clock” from

trash. I got this idea by seeing a Scrap CD driver. I hope you will like it.

Step 1: Things We Need

To make this we need following things:

1. A Compact Disc

2. CD tray from CD driver

3. A permanent Marker

4. A Stencil

5. Clock machine from old clock

6. Straw pipe

7. Glue

8. Tape

9. Battery holder

10. Key chain for hanging the clock

11. Batteries x3 (1.5v )

12. LEDs x2

13. Washer x1

14. Soldering Iron

15. Some wires

16. Other trash

Step 2:

1. First, write the numbers on the CD with the help stencil using the permanent marker. Care should be taken while writing the letter with proper space.

2. Take two LEDs of your choice. Here I have used one blue and one green LEDs, wired both of them with the help of soldering iron.

3. Now, put the LEDs into the Straw of required length as that of the CD tray.

4. Paste these two straws to the adjacent side of the tray with the help of glue

Step 3:

5. Fit the clock machine to the CD tray with the help of Washer and also paste a two-battery holder, behind the Tray, for glowing the LEDs.

6. Wired the LEDs with the battery holder and set them with the help of tape.

7. For hanging the Clock on the wall, I have used a key Chain.

8. Here I attached an Anchor piece to make it more attaractive.

9. Now put the batteries in clock machine as well as in battery holder for glowing LEDs.

10. Hang it on the wall, that’s all.




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    Tip 11 months ago

    If you could add a micro controller, like an Arduino or Raspberry Pi, you could motorize the disk and have it spin every set time interval (hourly, perhaps) and then return to the upright orientation, emphasizing the "disk-drive" effect.