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Introduction: Decorative Wooden Lamp

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This is wooden lamp that i made for my wife for Valentine.

Lamp is made from one 4 feet long 3" x 1" board of black adler.

Im a metalworker, no much experience from wood. So when i work with wood i make things in my own way. :)

Step 1: Video Tutorial..

This is a video tutorial from the project, it shows the whole process.. it would become too long with the every single step, so i skipped some sanding parts etc. But i think those are obvious things.

I used many different tools, mostly because those happened to be close to my hand. :)

All those aint needed,this can be done with:

Table saw




Glue, varnish, yarn...

Step 2: Cutting Stripes..

I started with cutting 5mm thick stripes for the lamps leg.

Used my diy tablesaw for that.

Then i bent the stripes to the shape that i wanted. I didn't want to make jig for it, because i wanted to make this just once... so, it would have been kind of wasting to make something to be used just once.

And i don't want to waste material.

Bending with this way was little tricky, but worked like i wanted. Video shows the process better than i can explain, (sorry).

Step 3: Making Boards..

For the lamps "head", i cut set of 7mm thick stripes wich i glued together to get wider board.

After glue was dried i sanded them smooth and cut desired shape with miter saw... Sanded the edges and glued parts together. I don't draw plans or something, i like to make things from my head.

Step 4: Making the Stand..

For the stand i cut 28mm thick slices, that was actual thickness of the board. Glued them together.

Shaped it with angle grinder using flap disk.

Step 5: Finishing..

I finished the stand with dremel and sander. Applied couple layers of varnish and then toasted surface of the stand with torch. Finally assembled the wiring and connected parts together with dowels and glue.

Finally decorated with yarn and wooden pearls.

Step 6: Finished..

My idea behind the shape was "Little girl sitting on the beach stone." I don't know does anybody other see it, but it came out just i hoped, so i must be satisfied.

Thank you for checking this out, if you liked, you might give a vote for it too. ;)



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    6 Discussions

    Very nice project. You should do an instructable for making your braided rope. That looked cool. I'd like to learn how.

    3 replies

    Hi.. I just remembered that i used similar rope in my other instructable. I tried to explain to method in it. Its very easy://

    Thanks. Its a very simple thing. I will update it to this instructable someday. I'll write you a message when its done.

    Awesome work. I'm a cabinetmaker and I assure you that your method is as well as that of a woodworker, even better than some.

    Only tip i could tell you is : avoid gluing plain joints, or claw the joints with a cutter, chisel or some tool with a sharp edge. It helps the wood glue to stick onto the wood.

    Also if you have some nails around, put some thin nails on your joint to strenghten it.

    1 reply

    Thank you for the feedback and tips. I'll keep them on my mind for the future.