Decorative Wooden Snowman Family.

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I made these quite a while ago, and just dug them out of the attic. I desided to tell you how to make this merry family.
They are very simple to make, and younger kids can make them too (With the holes pre-drilled). Carefull of the hot glue!

Hot glue
wooden dowel
Circular wood

I got the wood from a small tree in the yard, and the herbs from the cabinent.

Attaching the head:
Drill a hole in the center edge of the body and head. Don't go in too deep, just enough to fit half of a dowel. Fill both holes with hot glue and place a small wooden dowel into the body. There should enough room to leave the second half of the dowel sticking out. Then attach the head by placing the hole into the other end of the dowel.

Arms: Drill a small hole on both side edges of the body. Fill with hot glue and insert the small twig.

The eyes, nose, and mouth are different spices and herbs. Be Creative! Come up with new ways to dress them! Curled wood shavings make great curly hair, and non-curly wood shavings make neat other forms of hair. Dress them in hats, scarves, and anything else!

To make them free-standing, cut straight across the bottom tip of the body to create a flat surface.

These make excellent gifts.



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    11 years ago on Introduction

    Neat! Are they intended to be ornaments, fridge magnets, or free-standing? Looks like you might have the full set of options, if they're not too heavy.

    2 replies

    Reply 11 years ago on Introduction

    They can be anything, really. Right now they are free standing, and I place them on the mantle above the fireplace. They are surprisingly light, and can be used as ornaments.