Decorative Candle Safe


Introduction: Decorative Candle Safe

Every house I have been in has a candle. No one will ever think that something is hiding inside!

*Disclaimer* the use of a sharp object is being used. Proper safety precautions should be followed. I can not be held accountable for damage of property, or self.

Step 1: Required Items

This is really simple. All you need is a candle and a knife.
The larger the candle the bigger your safe can be. A decorative candle would work best because these are usually not burned and used. I used a candle I found around the house, a larger candle would work better. MAKE SURE THERE IS A STICKER ON THE BOTTOM! This is the most important thing.
Any knife will work. A serrated knife may cause rougher cuts, but it will work. I used a basic pocket knife.

Step 2: Beginning Surgery

The sticker will create the flap that covers the safe. Peal it off carefully and make note where it lies. If theres a metal piece holding the wick, cut it off as it gets in the way.

Step 3: Digging In

You may even be able to use a spoon for this! I stuck my knife in at an angle. This made it easier to get chucks out. Make sure your hole is smaller than the sticker, and do not dig too deep.

Theoretically you could use a lighter and simply melt a hole into the bottom. This would result in a much nicer hole. A torch barbecue lighter would probably work best. If anyone tried this please make a comment and tell how it went!

Step 4: Stashing Your Goods

Once you've gotten out all the waxy bits out, its time to fill it with valuables. Te strength of your sticker determines how heavy of an object hidden inside. I hide some money in it. Placing the sticker on is as simple and sticking it back on.

Step 5: Set in Plain Sight

No one will know this candle is actually your safe! Enjoy!



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    12 Discussions

    If you have a big enough candle and your worried about your money stash getting burned, put it in a small metal mint box or smaller version of an altoids box.

    This was geared more towards decorative candles that are for looks, and not burning. Im not sure what would stand up to the heat of lighting it.

    This is bad because if someone lights it on fire your stuff gets ruined.

    3 replies

    This is true what is said above plus, the sticker once taken off will not stick very well. If you try to remove it more than a couple of times to get to your money it will tear up the sticker. Then what will you do? Sorry but, not real good unless you can fix the sticker problem.

    I agree the stuff would be ruined. Even if one would use a pill bottle it might melt from the heat of the fire. You would have to find a good flame proof protection material. Good Idea though.

    The pill bottle idea would help in both of these cases.

    It would keep the wax from getting to your stuff in case someone lit it. and you could glue the sticker to the cap of the pill bottle to hold it in place on the bottom.

    Good structable.


    If you have a candle big enough, then yes.

    Do any of you mind if I edited your tips into the instructable? They are great ideas!

    you could heat up a spoon and use that to scoop it out then get a container and put it inside then as the others have said make the sticker more permanent maybe stick it to sme plastic then to the container then seal it to the bottom with some wax so it looks genuine maybe light it for a small while so wax drips down and stick the bottom to the candle holder and thus no one would ever think you have something there even better if inner container is a mini safe or at least slightly lockable.

    Rather than reuse the sticker, you could cut a piece of cardboard to cover the bottom- attach with some drops of wax from another candle. Keep your candle/safe on a bookcase or shelf rather than a coffee table so that guests are not tempted to pick it up and handle it.
    And don't forget you stashed it! I once bought a footstool in a thrift shop for a dollar- found a $100 bill carefully hidden under the ugly upholstery. Someone thought it was very safe there.

    I wouod modify it with a pill bottle or something like that. Otherwise I like the idea.