Decorative House With Coconut Sticks

Introduction: Decorative House With Coconut Sticks

How to make decorative house with coconut sticks?

Materials Required:

Coconut sticks, gum that sticks fast, hard paper and wood polish.


1. Cut 5 squares of dimension 10 cm fro the hard paper.

2. Now cut another 2 isosceles triangles from the hard paper with triangular base 10 cm and the other two sides 5 cm.

3. Now cut 2 rectangles of dimension 16 cm x 8 cm also from the hard paper.

4. Now take one square and cut a small rectangle from its bottom side. Don't cut and remove it.Only one length and the 2 breadths of the rectangle must be cut so that we get a door out of it. Let the dimension of the removed rectangle be 5 cm x 2.5 cm.

5.On another square a small portion is removed to make a window.

6. Now an uncut square is placed on a table and let it be the base of the house. The other two uncut squares are placed perpendicular to the base on the two adjacent sides and it is pasted there.

7. The front part of the house is the square from we have cut the door. The other square is the other wall with a window. All these four square are pasted perpendicular to the sides of the base square.

8. The 2 triangles are pasted on the front and back side of the house above the squares such that the side with 10 cm is in contact with the square.

9.The other 2 rectangles are used to make the slanted roof of the house.

10. Now allow the paper house in rest until gum is dried.

11. Cut coconut sticks according to the length needed and paste it on the walls, door and roof of the house according to your idea with any particular pattern. Place three sticks horizontally with the window to make the window rails.

12.After some time, 2 coats of wood polish is applied on it and is allowed to dry.

13. Your decorative house is ready. Put an LED light in front of it make it shine.

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