Decorative Temple Model Project

Introduction: Decorative Temple Model Project

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Hi friends,
This is a beautiful decorative temple model project made by me for the beautiful occasion of DIWALI festival (an INDIAN festival) to give my heartiest regards to Lakshmi-Ganesha(god and goddess of Indian culture). It took me about 15+ days gradually to build this project.The control circuitry is based on Atmel ATMEGA16. The project uses a lot of LEDs and one 1 Watt power LED from OMRON to lighten the dome inside.My sister helped me a little bit in crafting out the handmade sheets,etc. It was a wonderful experience building such a kind of project.This project was an entry to TI's DIWALI DECORATIVE LIGHTENING CONTEST a time back.First it was built using TI MSP430F5529 development kit,but as i wanted the kit for other project i removed it from the project and rebuilt the circuit using ATMEGA16 microcontroller from atmel because i had a lot of them in my collection.

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Step 1: Crafting the Structure!!

The base for temple was designed on top of an old cardboard box ,also the walls of the temple compartment was designed on a thick cardboard box however one can also use thermocol sheets to build them. The dome was designed using folding back to back  thin sheets of handmade craft paper.

The base on which the sculpture of dog resides is made using a DVD putting a colourful paper covering,and is mounted on a 3/4 V BO motor also using its associated wheel for the assembly.The 2nd motor assembly outside the temple is also the same but using a mini CD.

Some pics of the building steps are given in images attached on this page.Sorry for the un-detailed description.

Step 2: The Circuit

The circuit accepts 12v DC input from a >5A source and using LM338,a regulated 5V ,5 A rail is derived which powers each and every component in the circuit thereafter.A lot of BD139/135 driver transistors are used to drive the LED matrix,motors and other LEDs.

The circuit is drawn using EAGLE and the files are enclosed below.

Step 3: The Microcontroller Code

The code is very simple to understand compiled using AVR-BASCOM basic compiler for the ATMEGA16.

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    Hi!! Will you be able to tell me the easier way to understand the LED mechanism and what all is required in making this..Please Please help