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Introduction: Decoupage Egg

About: Hi, I am an Electrical Engineer from Transylvania. My main hobbies are electronics, playing the guitar,riding bike, fishing, woodworking and crafting all kind of things.

I will show you,how to make a decoupage wooden egg.

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Step 1: Materials

Here are the materials:

1. Wood glue mixture (I make like 80% wood-glue and 20% water) and a cup

2.Paint brush (I used a NR.7 type)


4.Wooden eggs

5.Some nice thick handkerchief

And for the egg holder:

1. A piece of styrene board

2. Small wood nails

Step 2: How Is't Made

1.We put the glue with the help of the brush on the wooden egg.

If it is too much glue on the egg,make it even whit the brush

2.We put on the handkerchief on the prepared egg.

This is one of the methods.

Cut a piece of the handkerchief ,lay down on the table and wrap around the egg

3.After warping we put another layer of glue and let it dry.

When egg it is dry,repeat step 3. for more coating.

Recommended 2-3 coats of glue/drying

Step 3: The Egg Holder

We put some wood nails in the styrene board,just like in the picture.

For one egg we put 3 nail forming a triangle/pyramid like shape.

Now you can dry the eggs whiteout touching any surface.

Step 4: The Decoupage Eggs Are Ready

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    2 Discussions


    Question 6 months ago

    Why use a handkerchief. The instructions don't include what kind of image used, i.e., napkins, rice paper, etc. Please prove me with this info. Thanx, joycie


    5 years ago on Introduction

    Thank you so much for the feedback. It is a little messy job,but i am sure you can manage it. A tip: use some thicker paper handkerchief or a stronger paper.

    I done last year one of my guitars with this decoupage technique.I used an original Batman-Superman comic book. I hope to find some how it's made type photos to make an instructables.