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I have seen some new and neat things you can do with decoupage, but the one that stood out the most (aside from the shoes of course) are decoupage ornaments. My little sister is obsessed with animal print and christmas, so I figure why not? Here is a simple and easy tutorial on how to decoupage christmas ornaments, enjoy.

Items you will need:
-ornaments (I hit up good will and got 5 for $.99)
-mod podge
-paint brush
-tissue paper (any style your little heart desires!) I found Hobby Lobby had a pretty good variety but you can also try Party City

Step 1: Mod Podgin!

Alright so now you have your materials gathered it's time to get this party on the road. First remove all the tops from the ornaments and lay them off to the side. Next take your brush and start painting the mod podge onto the orb, I started from the bottom. Rip of peices of your tissue paper and just slap them over the we mod podge then take your brush and smear some over the top and try to brush your edges down (its going to be bumpy in place but I like that look it gives it a cool texture). Continue this until your ornament is all covered :)

Step 2: Final Touches

Once you are done mod podging your ornaments I layed them upside down to try and then went back over with more tissue paper to cover up my spots I missed earlier. I don't have it pictured but I ended up tying little black ribbons around the top to make a little more nicer :) hope you enjoyed this almost pointless but still fun tutorial!



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    6 years ago on Introduction

    Wow ! that's a great idea ! I am also tired of my Christmas balls hahaha
    Did I saw a bat on your nail cool !

    greetings Bianca