Decoupage Pen Holder Craft for Kids

Introduction: Decoupage Pen Holder Craft for Kids

My niece was visiting me. She used to spend all her time on building Lego bricks in India. So, I thought of doing crafts with her and we decided on doing Decoupage. Ever wondered what Decoupage is?
Decoupage is the art of decorating an object by gluing paper. Colored paper cut outs are glued onto objects and then coated with Decoupage glue. After 10-15 coats you see the "stuck on" appearance disappear and the result looks like painting or inlay work.
Here's a tutorial to show how easy and fun this Decoupage technique is.

Do make a note of the essentials:
1) Cardboard/wooden pen holder
2) Decoupage glue
3) Acrylic paint
4) Paintbrush
5) Scrap paper
6) Scissors

Step 1:

Find an old cardboard box or a wooden block at home and revamp it with this Decoupage technique. I found an old pen holder at home and here's what I did to it.
You can start by painting the pen holder. You can select any color of your choice. I used a blue acrylic paint for my pen holder.

Step 2:

And then, I cut out a few designs from an old scrap book. You can use old magazines and newspapers for the same.

Step 3:

Once the paper cut outs are ready, use decoupage glue to glue them on the pen holder. You can start by gluing 1 cut-out on each side. Wait for a few minutes till the cut outs are stuck firmly. Remove any excess glue and press firmly to avoid bubbles.

Step 4:

Next, cover the entire pen holder with decoupage glue. Let dry. Repeat the process by applying 8 -10 coats. Let the surface dry.

Once the surface is dry and smooth, you'll see a shiny gloss. The outcome will no longer look like stuck papers instead it'll bring out the self-painted effect.

Your Decoupage Pen Holder is all set to shine bright on your desk.

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