Deep Fried Anchovies

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Deep fried anchovies are typical and most of all popular tapas food in Spain. They make an excellent sandwich topper or a starter and drizzled with lemon juice they are hard to resist. They also go well with beer!

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So lets get cooking!

Step 1: Ingredients:

300 g (10.5 oz) Anchovies

Sunflower Oil for frying

110 g (1 Cup) Plain Flour

Lemon (optional)

Step 2: Directions:

1. If you bought whole fresh anchovies, you will need to remove their heads, gut them (if you cut the heads off, the guts come out together with the head) and take out the spine bone.

2. If you bought fresh anchovy fillets then you are lucky.

3. Once you gutted the anchovies, put the flour in a large bowl. You will coat the anchovies in flour. You have 2 options: Throw all of them at once in the bowl and using your hands coat them in flour OR coat them one by one (they are quite fragile and this way they will keep their shape better.

4. Heat up the oil in a medium size sauce pan. When the oil is hot enough, throw in (carefully) the anchovies. Make sure there is enough space in between them. Depending on the size of your pan and the amount you are frying you might need to do it in a few batches.

5. Enjoy!

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