Deep Fried Everything in Bacon Grease





The goal of this ible is to show you how to deep fry a turkey (or in this case, a goose) in bacon fat.

This project started a long long time ago, and none of my friends thought I was serious... until I hit the half-way point in stocking the bacon fat in the freezer. Finally, after 3 years, and over 100 lbs of bacon, it was game day!

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Step 1: Materials

You will need the following

  • Glass jars to keep bacon grease in the freezer as you cook it. It took me about 100 lbs of bacon to get here over the span of 2 years. In order to minimize waste, cook the bacon in bulk as I have show in the past, that way the little bit you lose from the fat sticking to surfaces and so on is minimized.
    • incidentally, once you are done collecting it... bacon grease! Lots of it.
  • A turkey (thawed), or whatever else you want to fry (goose, fries, hot dogs, have fun!)
  • A turkey deep fryer. I do recommend getting a kit, I priced out many options, and it was generally cheaper to get a kit than it was to get the pot alone. My kit came with a 80L pot, a giant strainer that fits in it, a special hooking system to pull the turkey out safely, a super long thermometer, and the burner. On top of that, the burner has extra safety features like a timer that has to be wound every 15 minutes; this means if everything catches fire and you can't get to the shut off valve, it will cut the feed of propane on its own after a few minutes.
  • sand, just in case of a fire. I got 6x 30KG bags.
  • a shovel to throw the sand on the fire

Step 2: Thaw the Grease

Since it took so long to collect the bacon fat, I had to freeze it. Thawing it is pretty important, don't wan't to get ready to fry and all you have are blocks of ice! I heated the jars in boiling water so that the fat poured out easily.

Step 3: Heat the Fat

Normally you should pre-heat above frying temperature, but this is a delicate operation. Bacon lard smokes at 370F and we want to fry at 350F, so we will only pre-heat to 350F.

Step 4: Start Frying

As you put the turkey in there, turn up the heat a bit to account for the cold mass you are throwing in there, but as the temperature approaches 350 again, drop the heat back down.

You will need to fry for about 3.5 minutes for each pound. The fact that we did not preheat higher may add a few minutes at most, but that's okay, that's why we check the interior temperature of the meat later on.

Don't drop things in too fast, you must be weary of overflow, especially when you put things with high water content in the grease. It also helps if you respected the max fill line on your pot (if you got a kit), which is only about 1/4 of the depth of the pot!

Step 5: Enjoy

Enjoy the fruits of your labour.

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    4 Discussions


    3 years ago

    I love your commitment! You were not only made time for safety (sand). This is a well thought-out "ible" and I gotta hand it to you..,you've got patience my friend and my vote!

    1 reply

    Reply 3 years ago

    Thanks. The sand ended up being useful because the grass got slippery p


    3 years ago

    that whole meals looks delicious!

    I like the bacon torch you made at the end with the roll of toilet paper lol

    1 reply

    Reply 3 years ago

    The two biggest surprises were how delicious the fires were, and that torch.... Plus, 14 hours into the festivities, having an excuse to say "TP torch" is quite satisfying.