Deer Bone Wreath

Introduction: Deer Bone Wreath

NOTE: This is NOT a full tutorial, in my haste to complete this project, I forgot to take step by step pictures.
I'M SORRY MY LOVIES!! Please ask me any questions you would like about the wreath and I will answer them.

Behold, this is the next phase in using the deer bones I collected. First were the Cain Blades, now a wreath.

The concept is essentially the same as the Ocean Wreath tutorial, this time, instead of shells and starfish, it's bones, moss and dried grasses.


-Deer Bones, cleaned

-Gray moss clusters

-Dried grass clusters (wrap floral wire around the stems of a few dried grasses)

-Bag of green moss

-Hot Glue gun and sticks

-Floral wire

-Wreath base (recommend a straw wreath or grapevine wreath)

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Step 1: Construction


1) Lay out your bones, moss clusters (the gray ones that have been
secured with floral wire, and the wire clustered dried grasses. The green soft moss gets put on last.

2) When you have decided on the placement of your items, begin by securing the largest bones to the wreath with floral wire.

3) Once the big bones are in place, shove in the gray moss clusters.

4) Now add the dried grass, use them to hide the floral wire you used to secure the bones as best you can.

5) Open your bag of green moss, gently pull apart the clumps so only the individual moss growths are scattered about. Using a low temp hot glue gun, glue the individual moss bits onto the wreath to hide any of the wreath base, floral wire and to fill in empty looking areas.

6) Cut off all excess wire and glue threads.

7) Hang up on a wreath hangar and enjoy creeping out your neighbors. Srsly, the little girl next door started crying!

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    2 Discussions


    3 years ago

    this is beautiful! Where do you find your bones? How do you clean them?


    Reply 3 years ago

    Hi Justamandamarie!!!

    Thank you! Funny story about the bones, I was driving home from work one night and saw that a doe had been hit by a car and pulled off the road and onto the grass. I waited 4 months for the bones to be picked clean by carrion and bugs and then sun bleached for another month. Then one night I pulled over, and jumped out to collect the skeleton. The head had been dragged off a bit into the bushes, but I eventually found it. Cleaning was stinky business, because there were still bits of dried flesh on it and a small portion of the brain. My suggestion, do it outside, in a bucket, with a water hose. Spray them off, dump and pull off the remaining meat and innards, spray off again. To get rid of the smell and bacteria, I let everything soak in bleach for about 15 minutes, then washed them off with water again and let dry. After that, they were good to go and craft with. Hope this helps! ^_^