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Introduction: Deformable Surface

About: Architect and designer

I create a surface made of 3 different materials that can be deform with the hands

Step 1: Triangular Pattern

First, I did some test with different patterns and i chose the one you see in the photos.

I print it in a thick paper and i use a utility knife to mark the lines so it can be bent.

Step 2: Surface by Layers

I made a surface by using 3 different materials:

- PVC metallized

- Double-sided paper

- Cardboard

I cut the PVC and the cardboard in triangles (l=2cm) and I stuck them with the double-sided paper.

Step 3: Deformations

Step 4: Pressure Capture

At the end, i cut a Pressure-Sensitive Conductive Sheet (velostat) with the same patter and i stuck it to the cardboard. I put a conductive thread in each side of the velostat. Because later I would like to use this surface as a deformable system activated with the contact and pressure.



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    Clever! I saw something like this in a cardboard packaging concept. They made it with a special dotted line cutter that attaches to a tool similar to a pizza cutter.

    I am going to play with this idea a bit. I will try and let you know what I come up with.

    This looks really impressive. I would love to see this used to make some really large scale sculptures.