Delicious Cheese Capsicum Sandwich

Introduction: Delicious Cheese Capsicum Sandwich

Hey guys,

I am writing this instructable to share a very delicious as well as easy recipe of sandwich which the kids can also prepare by themselves. This recipe doesn't take away much of your time and also suffice your hunger.

If you try out this recipe, then do share your experience and also like this instructable and follow me for more delicious recipes.


Bread - 4 slices
Cheese - 150 gm
Capsicum - half (chopped)
Chilli flakes - 1 tsp
Oregano- 1 tsp
(*The ingredients are mentioned for making 2 sandwiches)

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Step 1: Preparation of Stuffing

Take one bowl and grate the cheese in it.
Now add chopped Capsicum, Oregano, Salt and chilli flakes into it and mix it well.

Step 2: Assembling of Sandwich

Apply butter on a bread and then apply the filling over it.
Now take another bread and place it above the filling.
Also apply butter on top of that other bread.
Now our sandwiches are ready for toasting.
Toast the sandwiches and then enjoy them with Ketchup.

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    Reply 4 weeks ago

    Thanks a million

    dragon flyer
    dragon flyer

    4 weeks ago

    Cheese and green pepper (I'm guessing Mausami_51 is from down under...) toasted sandwiches are great, but I think I'd need to cut back on the chili flakes by quite a bit to save my tastebuds!


    Reply 4 weeks ago

    Thanks for your keen interest. Spicing up or down is choice of an individual but we indians love to ticlke our taste buds in a spicy way and that's how it is.


    5 weeks ago on Introduction

    A grilled cheese sandwich is really happiness in disguise. And this one seems to be the one. : )


    Reply 5 weeks ago

    Thank you so much for your appreciation! :)