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Introduction: Delicious Coconut Truffles

I love these coconut truffles! They are easy to make, taste great, made of healthy ingredients, and they are good for many kinds of diets- vegetarian, vegan, paleo... So all your friend and family can enjoy them.

Let's begin!

Step 1: Ingredients

For about 60 truffles you will need:

750 gr of dried grated coconut

14 dried dates

~3 handfuls of walnuts

~3 handfuls of bitter chocolate (I used 100%, but if you prefer bitter-sweet, that's OK)

200 cc of coconut cream (regular cream is fine too)

about 7 spoons of cocoa powder

* This is merely a suggestion. You can add or remove walnuts, chocolate and dates depending on your taste.

** you will also need a food processor

Step 2: Making Coconut Butter

The first thing you need to do, is put the coconut in the food processor, and let it work for a few minutes. The little flakes should become like coconut butter. If you don't give it enough time, the whole mixture will crumble in your hands. You might need to open the lid and push some coconut down with a spatula, if it sticks to the walls.

Step 3: Dates and Cream

Once you got the right texture of the coconut, start adding the dates one by one (don't forget to take the seed out!).

Next add the coconut cream, and let the whole thing mix together.

Now would be a good time to taste the mixture and make sure it's sweet enough for you. if not, add more dates.

Step 4: Adding the Goodies!

Now it's time to add the walnuts and chocolate. use the pulse option on your food processor, so they'll be chunks inside the truffles (yum!).

You can really get creative here, and add whatever you think will go well. Other kinds of nuts, maybe even peanut butter! I've never tried that!

Step 5: The Mixture Is Done

This is what it's suppose to look like...

Put it in the refrigerator for at least half an hour. It'll be much easier to work with.

Step 6: Get to Work!

Now grab a spoon and start making little balls. you might need to knead the "dough" a bit so it doesn't crumble.

Step 7: Get Messy!

Last step: roll your truffles in cocoa powder. It'll give it a bitter twist, that goes well with the sweetness of the dates.

Step 8: That's It!

And there you go! You made it to the end, with sticky messy hands! Congratulations :)

Let it cool in the fridge for a few hours before eating it all up!

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