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Hi everyone! Are you interested in learning how to make a tasty treat for under $10.00? Well I am going to teach you how.

I hope you're ready to get your hands dirty, 'cuz we're making Delicious Dirt Dessert!

Step 1: What You'll Need

Before getting started, we first need to make sure we have all our ingredients.

This recipe calls for:

-(1) 3.9 oz. package of chocolate pudding mix
-(1) 8 oz. tub of cool whip
-(1) package of Oreo Cookies
-(2) cups of milk
-(2) bags of gummy worms
-(1) large mixing bowl
-(1) large ziplock bag
-(1) smaller (decorative) bowl for finished product

Step 2: Cookie Cruncher

Place several cookies into your large, plastic bag (I like to start off with one row of cookies). Seal the bag nice and tight and start cruching. The easiest way to do this is by using the palm of your hands and pressing down firmly on the cookies.

Continue adding more and more cookies and continue cruching until the package is gone.

You will know that you are finished when the cookies are crunched small enough to resemble "dirt."

When you are finshed crunching, go ahead and set the bag of crunched cookies aside as we prepare the pudding mixture!

Step 3: Preparing the Pudding Mixture

Measure out 2 cups of milk. Be sure to use a clear measuring cup.  If you need to do one cup at-a-time, that is okay! 

Step 4: (Continued From Step 3) Pouring the Milk

 When you have accurately measured out 2 cups of milk, pour the milk into your large mixing bowl.

Step 5: (Continued From Step 3) Adding the Pudding Mixture

Next we need to add the pudding mixture. To do this, simply open the single box of instant pudding and pour its contents into the bowl with the milk.

Step 6: (Continued From Step 3) Mixing the Ingredients

Once the milk and the pudding mixture have been combined into your large mixing bowl it is time to blend the two together. To do this, take any stirring utensil (fork, spoon, wire whisk, etc.) and mix the milk and pudding mixture until the pudding contents have dissolved into the milk.

Step 7: Adding the Cool Whip

Once you have mix together the milk and chocolate pudding powder until the powder has completely dissolved, it is time to add the cool whip.

First unopen the cool whip container, removing any plastic wrapping from the container.  Holding the cool whip container above your bowl of combined milk and pudding mixture, simply take a spoon (it can be the same spoon you mix the milk and pudding mixture with) and carefully scoop the cool whip into the bowl of pudding mixture. 

Note: Be careful not to hold the cool whip container too high above the bowl when scooping its contents into the pudding mixture.  Holding the cool whip container too high may cause the cool whip to "splash" into the mixture, therefore, causing a mess.

Step 8: (Continued From Step 7) Mixing the Cool Whip Into the Milk and Pudding Mixture

Now that you have emptied the entire contents of the Cool Whip into the milk and pudding mixture, it is time to start mixing!

With the same spoon, gently "fold" the Cool Whip until it has been completely blended into the mixture, resulting in a smooth, creamy substance.

Note:  To "fold" means to gently cut down through the middle of the ingredients. Move across the bottom of the bowl and bring up part of the heavier mixture, in this case, the Cool Whip.  Repeat this circular motion until mixture is combined.

You might find that this takes longer than expected.  Be patient.  The more patient you are, the better the product will be in the end. 

Step 9: Dirt Dessert...Ground Up!

Now that we have all of our ingredients prepared, it is time to start putting them together. 

The first step in making the final product is to make the lowest level of the ground.  To do these we must pour a small layer of dirt, made using the crushed cookies, at the bottom of our small, decorative bowl. 

Step 10: (Continued From Step 9) the Mud!

Now that we have established our ground for the base of our dessert, we need to incorporate the muddy texture of the ground.  The milk, pudding and Cool Whip mixture will serve as our mud!

Pour about half of the pudding mixture over the crushed cookies previously added.

Step 11: (Continued From Step 9) Worms!

Everyone knows that deep down into the muddy ground, you always find worms.  Therefore, we need to add our gummy worms to make our Dirt Dessert more life-like.

Simply open one of the bags of Gummy Worms.  You can add as many as you wish.  Because I love Gummy Worms, I went ahead and added an entire bag.  Don't worry, we still have the second bag of worms for the next few layers!

Step 12: (Continued From Step 9) More Mud

Once you have added the desired amount of worms, you need to cover them up with more mud.  This way, no one will no what's waiting inside!

Cover the worms by pouring the remaining amount of pudding mixture into your bowl.

Step 13: (Continued From Step 9) More Worms

Adding more mud means adding more worms. 

Open up the second bag of warms and add about half of the bag into the bowl. 

Step 14: (Continued From Step 9) the Final Layer

The final layer of your dessert is to add the remaining amount dirt (crunched cookies) to your bowl, cover the worms.

Once you have poured the entire contents of the crunched cookies into the bowl, you are free to throw away the large, plastic bag.  You will no longer be using the bag.

Step 15: (Continued From Step 9) Final Touches...Optional

You're almost there. 

The next step is optional!  You can either take the remaining Gummy Worms and once again, strategically or randomly place them into your Dirt Dessert so it looks like the worms are crawling around in the dirt, or you can leave them out, making for a surprise in the center!

Step 16: Enjoy!

The last and final step is the easiest!  All you have to do is...ENJOY!



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