Delicious Ham and Turkey Wrap



Introduction: Delicious Ham and Turkey Wrap

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My Mom and I were hungry so we made up this easy snack

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Step 1: Ingredients

You will need :
*Sour Cream
*Salad Dressing

Step 2: Sanitation

Clean up, Nobody wants to be sick or dead!

Step 3: Tortilla Time!

Get a tortilla

Step 4: Meet Mr.Meat

I used two pieces of turkey because I like it more and it isn't as strong in flavor with one piece of ham

Step 5: Let Us Have Lettuce

Now for the lettuce I used some pieces of a head of lettuce

Step 6: Cheese

Put the Cheese on

Step 7: Stop, Tomato Time

Dice up some tomato. Don't cut yourself it might hurt

Step 8: Don't Be Sour It's Only Sour Cream

Get a spoon and put it into the bowl and then spread it around. Then on top of that put a line of your salad dressing, I used Buttermilk Ranch I recommend Italian or Creamy Italian

Step 9: Wrap It Up

Now to wrap it up, I usually fold the bottom up and then roll from right to left

Step 10: Step 2-10

Clean Up, uh..again

Step 11: !yojnE

.suoicileD s'tI !yojnE
Enjoy! It's Delicious

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