Delicious Homemade Honey Butter Even If You Don't Have a Cow




Introduction: Delicious Homemade Honey Butter Even If You Don't Have a Cow

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I remember as a kid sitting in preschool and passing around a container to shake vigorously for a couple seconds then pass it to the next kid... I remember when the moment happened and inside the container something started forming.....BUTTER!!!! So now at age 40, I have decided to relive that moment (guess I'm regressing to childhood) but this time I am going to add a twist and make it a YUMMY Honey Butter since I am a honey fan :)

Hope you enjoy how easy this is to do, the hardest part is the clean up and that only took 2 minutes!

This is also out of the ordinary for me, cause usually I do woodworking Instructables so any feedback will be appreciated!

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Step 1: Gather Your Ingredients

You will need:

some type of mixer


Containers for the butter and the skim milk you make

2 pints of Heavy Whipping Cream (i used the cheap Aldi brand) I have no cows so it's homemade but not that homemade :)

1-2 Tablespoons of Honey (you could also use some cinnamon or maybe blueberries or raspberries, your choice and a lot of options to play with)

1 teaspoon of salt (optional)

Step 2: Add Your Heavy Whipping Cream

Add the 2 pints of heavy cream to your mixer or a bowl that you will use your hand mixer with (this is so gonna be better than the old days of spending all that time shaking the container LOL)

Step 3: Turn Your Mixer on HIGH

Turn your mixer to its Highest setting and sit back and let the mixer do the work. (luckily my wife got a kitchenmaid mixer when we got married so I get to have fun.... or make a mess or have fun making a mess)

Make sure that you cover your open areas of your mixer so you don't make a mess (um i really didn't make too big a mess) as the cream turns to whipping cream and then all of a sudden changes to butter you are going to have "skim milk" separating from the butter and this will um go well EVERYWHERE if you don't have a towel over your mixer :)

Step 4: It Will Take From 4 to 10 Minutes to Make the Butter

notice how the butter and butter milk separate, this is when you know you are done mixing.

Step 5: Strain Off the Liquid

using your strainer, pour the butter and milk mixture through the strainer (make sure you have something to catch the liquid under it or that mess I was talking about earlier will have just gotten bigger.) If you want you can keep the skim milk and use it.

Step 6: Rinse and Squeeze the Butter

Well don't squeeze it too hard lol, you will need to rinse the butter off until the water flows clear.

this makes sure that all the milk is gone and will let your butter last for a longer period of time. If there is milk remaining, your butter will go bad within a couple days.

Step 7: Add Flavor

Time for the Honey (or whatever you want in your butter) & I added just a little bit of salt cause salt brings the taste of the honey out a little more and i am a salt addict)

Turn your mixer back on LOW and let the honey fold into the butter, make sure to stop every minute or so to pull the butter off of the beater you use.

Step 8: Transfer to Container

This makes about 1 pound of butter. Transfer the Honey Butter (after you have eaten half of it on some toast or crescent rolls or whatever) to a container. My mom leaves her butter on the counter, but I like to keep mine refrigerated so it is up to you as to what you like to do!

Oh yeah, make sure you clean up the cabinets and floors and ceiling from your mess so your wife is not upset at you and lets you do more Instructables. LOL

This food Instructable was something new for me, usually I am a wood worker so if you would like to see those Instructables please check them out. Also you can see all of my work on instagram. or my Facebook page

Id love to hear how you liked this Instructable so please comment!

Step 9: DELICIOUS Homemade Honey Butter

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    3 years ago

    I also voted for you.


    3 years ago

    Thank you so much for your instructable. I will be making some tomorrow I am a honey nut . I added it to my favorites.


    3 years ago

    Homemade butter is the best butter you can have.Thanks for sharing!


    3 years ago

    What a great childhood memory. Such a shame kids aren't allowed to bring, make or share foods at school anymore (my sons have nut allergies so I fully understand). Nice Instructable out of your normal niche. Thank you for sharing! Voted!