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Introduction: Delicious Overnight Oats

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Every morning, I have the best of intentions to wake up and eat breakfast, but the reality is I'd much rather hit my snooze button & sleep for an extra 10 minutes. So, every day, I go to work hungry, then am "hangry" by 10am and want to eat everything in sight.


Overnight oats!! This is a simple recipe that you can prep at night, then just grab-and-go when you're headed out for the day. The best part? It keeps you full for a long time and there are so many ways to vary this recipe that you won't get sick of it!

Let me know your recipe variations in the comment section :) I'm always looking for ways to change this up!

Step 1: Ingredients

Your ingredient list will vary, but the base of this recipe is:

- 1/2 a heaping cup of Rolled oats (not instant or steel cut). You can play with this ratio after deciding what consistency you'd prefer

- 1/2 cup Milk (I prefer Almond Milk, but you can use regular, Soy, or Coconut Milk as well)

- 1/3 cup Yogurt (I prefer to use Greek Yogurt to add some texture and creaminess)

Toppings include:






Flax seeds

Chia seeds


Vanilla Extract

Hazelnut Chocolate Butter

Agave syrup

The list goes on!!

You'll also want to buy some glass mason jars. Pictured are pint sized jars, but you can re-use old tupperware or spaghetti sauce jars as well!

Step 2: Mix and Prep!

Add your rolled oats, milk, and yogurt, and stir.

If you want your seeds and flavors mixed in, you can add those as well instead of using them as a topper.

Step 3: Create Your Perfect Breakfast!

My four combinations of choice have been:

Cranberry, Orange, Almond and Vanilla Extract Oats

Raspberry and Hazelnut Chocolate Oats

Banana, Raspberry and Chia Seed Oats

Almond, Flax and Cinnamon Oats

Step 4: Refrigerate Overnight, Stir, and ENJOY!

Toss on any remaining fruit that you have in your fridge, stir, and enjoy!

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I'm on a 3000+ calorie diet. I love oatmeal, but it just doesn't have enough calories! I've found that buying oat groats on Amazon is a great option. You can get 900 calories from 225 g. Just let it soak overnight, and optionally blend in the morning. It's cheaper and dense than store bought rolled or cut oats. I usually make a smoothie, but I'll definitely have to try some of these toppings. Looks delicious.

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I will be increasing my calorie intake here in the next few weeks. I would love some ideas or recipes that will help me do that. It is hard fitting 3K in a day. Any info will help. Thanks!

Oat groats, brown rice, chicken thighs, olive oil, and peanut butter are great. I can't eat them, but eggs may be a good idea too. Try not to have too much low calorie food, like lettuce and green beans. Consider how much it fills you up versus how many calories it gives.

I, personally, never have issues getting too many calories in a day... but I think we're aiming at different goals. : ) As body-builders, is there any wisdom you care to pass on to someone who's been sedimentary far too long due to illness who often finds herself overwhelmed from overdoing it (but does, in reality, eat well most of the time with a high protein, lower carb diet- not no carb though, since I do enjoy having energy)? I was at one time quite fit, but my muscles have atrophied to the point it's hard to know where to begin... I'm pacing myself well, and remaining active five out of seven days for at least six hours (albeit at drastically reduced rates compared to most folks, but it's still better than staying on my rump). Since I'm not bulking, is there something you would recommend for muscle fatigue, the associated soreness, and worst of all- the periods of time where illness still makes me almost completely incapacitated for up to a week? I'm about pushing through the pain, but if it makes my orthostatic hypotension worse or causes another TIA, "pushing though" no longer seems as wise. Thanks for any help...

I'm trying different ways of making oats. I wonder if blending the fruit (combining it with skim milk) and straining the seeds would make it not so crunchy when I eat it. Is this a good idea or should I just stick with whole fruits?

I'm going to try the oats soaked in vanilla soy milk & vanilla yogurt, ricotta cheese, & lemon zest, with blueberries. Much easier than my much loved weekend lemon & blueberry ricotta pancakes! I'll try to take a picture & report back on the flavor/texture. I love all of the different flavors combos that people have posted!!

Try any of your oat based jars with fresh juice and let it steep over night - this is how my Scandinavian relations eat muesli, granola etc and it's wonderful. My favourite is the juice after cooked blackberries - yummm lol

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I do this as well, sometimes orange juice or apple juice. Usually I soak the oats in just enough water, and squeeze half a lemon into it. It tastes so nice the next day. There are also lots of comments around that to get the best out of oats they shouldn't soak in dairy, but instead something a little acidic. Something about phytase... but I mainly do it because it tastes nice.

Steel cut oats.

Toast the oats in the pan, add the water and bring to a boil.

Shut off the heat, cover and let set on the stove overnight.

Perfectly cooked in the morning.

I have one question: why not steel-cut oats?? I thought it was good for me. So if it's not, why not?


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Steel-cut oats are certainly good for you, but they will not be soft enough to eat if you only soak them in milk overnight! Steel-cut oats require a longer time to cook and an even longer time to soak, if you are trying to soften them. I sometimes soak steel-cut oats overnight so that they will cook in the morning in 10-minutes rather than the 20 or more minutes they usually require.

I usually eat oatmeal for lunch at work. I pretty much do this, but I put the mason jar in my car on my dash. Its an oven in there during the day... Hot and ready to roll.

What cut do you use then?

Three words: sweetened condensed milk. Amazing!

I used to roam the kitchen in the morning eating a bit of this or that as I looked for something for breakfast. This typically lead to me having second breakfast, though not in the funny Hobbit way, and weight gain. I tried various diet paths, but that's not what this is about, it's about the steel cut oats I eat every morning for breakfast not...

1.5c Steel Cut Oats
4.25c Water
Place in crock pot for 8ish hours, usually over night. Then divide it up into 6 of those screw top plastic containers. When eat one, I microwave it for a couple minutes and throw either 1 tble sp lemon curd {Which tastes like a lemon pie to me}, 2 tsp brown sugar, a handful of raisins and some cinnamon, preserves my wife makes, or something of the like.

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This is how I make oatmeal. Minimal effort the night before and then fresh hot oatmeal in the morning!

I was looking at the photopraphs and the containers remind me of those used for Polar fruit; and also quart-sized canning jars. Small investment, more healthful than plastic. Long-term and multi-purpose use!

I was looking at the photopraphs and the containers remind me of those used for Polar fruit; and also quart-sized canning jars. Small investment, more healthful than plastic. Long-term and multi-purpose use!

Like Burchurmeusli, it will keep for a few days in the refrigrator with ease.