Delicious Pudding





Introduction: Delicious Pudding

About: This is my starting not my end.I will go further.

easiest way to make a pudding

Step 1:

I am using for this dish -4 eggs, 1 cup of milk, suger.

Step 2:

Take a pan and put some suger into it.Then put this on the stove and keep it there until it's turn brown.

Step 3:

Take a bowl and put some water on it and put this on stove

Step 4:

Then take another bowl and put some suger , eggs, and milk and beat it.Then put the mixture into the brown sugar pan

Step 5:

Then put the brown sugar pan on the hot boiling water on the stove and put a heavy thing over it

Step 6:

after 20 minutes take the whole thing out from stove.And then enjoy



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    2 years ago

    Good with a little cinnamon mixed in too, a la flan.

    I always used the premade packets. Will try the "all made myself" approach presented here.
    Thanks for sharing. :)

    oh and: suger --> sugar

    1 reply