Delicious Tropical Fruit Salad




Introduction: Delicious Tropical Fruit Salad

I'll show you how to make a great-tasting fruit salad that'll give you a taste of the tropics. Sorry for the lack of "actual" photos. I didn't plan this to be an Instructable, but it turned out great so I thought I'd share.

Step 1: Gather Your Ingredients

As Alton Brown would say, here's what software you'll need(costs are approximate. mine were a bit high because I bought all organic ingredients):

4 Mangoes ~ $5
5 Kiwi Fruit ~ $1.50
1 Papaya ~ $2.29
1 Star Fruit ~ $1.49
1 lb Grapes ~ $1.19
16 oz. container of POM Wonderful Pomegranate Juice or similar ~ $3.99
1 pint Apple Juice ~$2.50 for 2 pints

And the hardware:

1 large mixing bowl
1 Spoon (large enough to mix and serve with)
1 sharp knife
1 cutting board


Serving dishes (if not serving from mixing bowl)
Gloves (so your hands don't get all juicy from the fruit)

Step 2: Chopping Your Fruit

Since you may not have ever used some of these before, here's a short guide on how to generally prepare these fruits for the fruit salad.


- Cut off stem end and opposite end
-Note orientation of pit
-Remove skin, using flat surfaces as stabilization
-Cut along wide side of pit
-Optional: Cut along narrow edges of pit. There's not very much "meat" here, so i didn't bother.
-Cut into chunks


-Slice in half from stem to bottom end
-Scoop out and discard seeds/mushy center
-Remove skin
-Cut into chunks


-Slice off top and bottom ends
-Remove skin
-Cut into chunks

Star Fruit:

-Clean skin using water (skin is edible)
-Remove top and bottom ends
-Cut into chunks, removing any seeds you find


I just used whole grapes, but you can cut them if you prefer.

Step 3: Time to Marinate!

Once you've got all your fruit chopped, put it all into the large mixing bowl. Stir it well to get all the fruit evenly distributed. Next, add the full 16 oz. of pomegranate juice and 1 pint of apple juice to sweeten it up a little. Keep this covered in the fridge overnight to let the fruit absorb some of the juice. I transported mine in bowls with some juice, but I put the majority of the juice into a bottle so that people could add more if they wanted it. The juice is great for drinking on its own as well.

Enjoy your delicious fruit salad!

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    11 years ago on Introduction

    Great instructable, I can't wait to try this!