Delicious and Super Simple Salsa Wrap Snack

Introduction: Delicious and Super Simple Salsa Wrap Snack

Are you hungry for a snack? Do you have salsa and some left-over corn or flour tortillas? If so you can make something very delicious!

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Step 1: What You Need + Preparing to Make

Here is what you need:


Corn or Flour Tortillas
Any type of salsa, preferrably actual salsa and not hot sauce [however hot sauce would work as well]
Spreadable butter [optional]
Optional for making these even more delicious, some sliced or shredded cheese, and\or packaged baloni or any kind of pre-cooked shredded meat

Step 2: Cooking Time

Turn on the burner of your stove and place tortilla over the flames, to avoid potentially burning yourself you might want to use tongs to place over the flames as well as to flip it. Alternatively you can also heat the tortillas in a microwave for about 20 or 30 so seconds [more time if you're doing a lot at once]    Once the tortilla starts to soften [about 5 or so seconds] flip over and remain on the burner for about the same amount of time.
Once done place on a plate and lay it out [don't fold it yet]

*OPTIONAL STEP* Get a knife to spread as much butter over the tortilla as you desire, it should mostly melt into the tortilla

Next spoon one to two normal sized spoonfuls of salsa [more depending on the size of the tortilla] just make sure not to put too much otherwise the salsa will drench through the tortilla. Spread the salsa along the tortilla, making a nice layer

*Optional Step - Put some shredded cheese [if you want it to melt, you can heat the salsa before putting it onto the tortilla [and or mix the cheese into the salsa as it's being heated]   And\or now you can add your meat\meats.   Again you can also heat your meat up with your salsa and\or cheese.   Something I have not tried but I'm sure would be delicious would be grill some hot dogs or sausage to the point that their slightly crunchy and slice them up into thin slices and distribute them amongst the salsa\cheese.

Finally just wrap the tortilla up and you have your snack. Make as many as you like, and serve with Spanish Rice for an full meal.

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