Deliciously Healthy Protein Tablets in a Fancy, Easy-to-carry Packet




I'm a fitness freak and more into healthy food habits. You will find bunch of nuts n protein bars in my purse all the time. What usually bothers me is the quantity of the bar I consume. I don't eat those in one go and requires mini intervals in between even to finish one complete bar. It becomes tedious to manage and 'quite sticky' to specifically describe. This is what triggered me to make home-made protein tablets which are healthier and customized according to the portions I can have at a time. Again 'how to carry those' query woke up the artist within me to come up with a fancy n easy to carry packet. I am extremely happy with my creation n would like to share. It would be immense pleasure if you find it useful n would like to opt for it. So, let's get started...

Step 1: Ingredients and Tools

For Protein tablets -

Protein powder (as per ur choice)






Dark chocolate or choco chips

Cinnamon powder

Peanut butter

Almond milk


For fancy packet -

Beautiful cardsheet


Small Plastic zipper bag



Step 2: Let's Start With Protein Tablets - Preparation

1. Roast the oats in a pan on low flame and keep it aside

2. If you are are using chocolate directly, cut it into flacks. Also cut almond and pistachio in flakes.

Step 3: Mix Dry Ingredients

Mix all the dry ingredients in a bowl - Protein powder, almond, pistachio flakes, choco chips/flakes, cinnamon powder, roasted oats, reinsins.

Step 4: Mix Rest All Ingredients

Take peanut butter, honey and almond milk in a bowl and mix them together.

Step 5: It's Almost Ready..

1. Once properly mixed in respective bowls, sowly add the liquidly ingredients to the dry ingredients bowl

2. Mix them well

3. Once done spread the mixture on the butter paper or plastic paper sheet evenly and allow it cool in the refrigerator for about 20 mins.

Step 6: Shape It in Your Way..

Once you take out from the refrigerator, shape it in accordance with ur bite. You can either use shaper or can shape it by hands just the way u like.

Step 7: For the Packet - Cut It Right

Once we are done with our protein tablets the question remains that of how to carry n here comes the cute lil fancy packet for rescue.

Take the cardsheet. Measure it according to the height n width of the plastic zipper bag and cut that much portion.

Step 8: Packet Making

1. Fold the measured cardsheet n fold it so as to fit in the bag

2. Stick both the side of the sheet to form a packet.

Step 9: The Packet Is Ready

1. Put the cardsheet in the zipper bag by sealing it with the gum.

2. You can see the packet being formed.

Step 10: It's Time for Some Décor

The portion having zip remains uncovered by the cardsheet, so let's cover it with some glue n threadwork using matching threads.

Step 11:

Tada!!! The fancy easy-to-carry packet is ready.

Step 12: It's All Yours

Now fill the packet with tablets and carry it in your purse, bag even in your pocket. :)

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1 year ago

Wow it's nice idea to carry healthy protein bar with us.... I will must try

1 reply

Reply 1 year ago

Thank u so much!! :) Yeah, you should n let me know how it turned out..


Reply 1 year ago

Thank u so much.. n yeah, I'm sure you would like it! :)


1 year ago

Awesome it is. I'm gonna try this. Thanks for sharing. You have my vote.

1 reply

Reply 1 year ago

Thanks u so much!! :)

ShipsPenolopy Bulnick

Reply 1 year ago

I tried to hit the balance between these two kinds as I'm not much of a fan of absolute crunchiness or complete chewiness. These are turned out to be softer with little tilt towards crunchiness...
But with some variations in the qualities of the ingredients, we can made it both the ways :)
Thank you so much for the appreciation of the idea.. :)


1 year ago

Great idea!! This is such a perfect and easy way to eat something healthy and nutrition-packed on-the-go, instead of eating junk food!! How creative!! Thanks!!

1 reply

Reply 1 year ago

Thank u so much :)