Deliciously Delicious Christmas Cookies

Introduction: Deliciously Delicious Christmas Cookies

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I know everyone likes some delicious,  sweet, tasty foods like cake, cookies or cupcakes, that's why I made these Turkish cookies called " un kurabiye" , which means flour cookies, and they turned out REALLY delicious so I came here and shared it with the world, but I will not only teach you how to make Turkish cookies, but also to make a box from scratch, for the people who don't know and decorate it with a teqnuique I learnt when I was in kindergarten. Let's start!

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Step 1: Ingredients/ What You'll Need

To make our Turkish cookies we'll need the following:

250 grams melted margarine

A small coffee cup of icing sugar

4-5 pieces of, how should I say, crushed gum mastic

As much flour as it can take, but don't make the dough to dry or it will brake to pieces when you use the cookie cutter/s

Cookie cutters (Almost forgot!)

For the icing you'll need the following ingredients:

Some icing sugar (Duh!)

A tiny bit of water

Food coloring


To make and decorate the box you'll need:

A piece of carton

A pencil

A pair of scissors or a knife



Colorful tissue paper

White glue

A brush

A bowl

If you got everything let's move on!

Step 2: Making Our Dough

Its really simple, just mix everything together and, voila! Just be careful not to add too much flour, as I said earlier.Now pre-heat your oven to 180 degrees Celsius. Then we roll out our dough, no need for additional flour because the dough shouldn't be sticky enough to stick to a surface. Then you can go ahead and cut out some cool shapes. Now you can put them in an oven tray to cook. You can put them really close to each other because they do not contain any baking powder. Now bake your cookies for 25-30 minutes. You get about 22 cookies out of this recipe.

Step 3: Making the Icing and Decorating Our Cookies

To make the icing get as many small bowls as colors you chose earlier, then put a few spoon fulls of icing sugar in each bowl, put a tiny bit of water in each until they get kinda gooey, but not liquid. If you put too much water just add some sugar until it comes to the consistency you want. Then add the food coloring. Now get your cookies (they need to be at room temperature or a tiny bit higher, but not hot.)  I used the small spoons to get spoon fulls of icing and spread it out along one of my cookies, but I used one spoon for each of my colors. Let the icing dry. Now, after the icing has dried you can put in the details. I also used spoons for this, putting blobs of icing where I wanted, and then, wait for them to dry again! Noe they are ready to be put in the box we're going to make. I suggest you should make the box first, then make the cookies and put them in.

Step 4: Crating a Box

This is were you need a piece of carton, so get your piece of carton and we'll start. First, make sure there is no cats around, otherwise you won't be able to work. Now you can look at the plan of our box. Draw this on your piece of carton with the measurements you want and make sure the biggest cookie you've got fits in your measurements. The edges need to be each a 90 degrees angle, otherwise your box wont be a box at all. Now, if it's perfect start cutting. 

Step 5: Making the Rest of the Box

So, it's really easy. Just get you cut out base and put some glue where indicated. Then, so that we don't need to hold it with our fingers we clip on the clips we got earlier. Now, for the top it's exactly the same than the base. You just need to make it a few mm's larger so that it fits on the base perfectly and the sides just slimmer than the base. Voila! A box!

Step 6: Decorating the Box

You'll need a brush, washable white glue, and tissue papers.(colorful) Start by covering your top of the box with glue. Then, you put pieces of tissue paper. Make a few layers of the same color of tissue paper. Then, I would recommend letting it dry, but because I was in a hurry I didn't let it dry before making the design and it was a bad idea. Ok, now that it's dry you can put pieces of tissue paper to make any design you feel like. I chose a Christmas tree. Now do the same with the bottom. I didn't put a design on the base of the box. ;)

Step 7: Putting the Cookies in the Box

So, make sure the box is 100% dry. If it is, put some paper shreds inside and stick in the cookies! Finished! A beautiful box and some delicious cookies!

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    this recipe sounds great! and sounds delicious...
    I also like the very clear and well prepared instructions
    thank you, mishagirl8.
    I will try it soon.