Dell 3137 Intelligent Display Hibernate Fix

These are instructions for a workaround to the dell “intelligent” display problem on dell inspiron 3137 laptop where on resume from hibernate (and other times probably) the intelligent display turns back on even though you have it turned off in settings.

My workaround is a small script that works by killing the dell program that is in charge of changing the intelligent display, then restarting it. For this to work you need to have a lockscreen enabled. Any of them are fine (no password, password, pin, picture thing) but if resuming from standby takes you straight to the desktop without the lock screen this wont work. Unless you find a way to make Task Scheduler run a task on resume.

Restartquickset.bat – this is what stops and restarts quickset.exe (dells program that handles the intelligent display setting).

Restartquickset.vbs- this runs the .bat file, but stops it from opening a command prompt window. You can use the work around without this file, but you’ll see a black command box pop up for half a second every time you unlock your computer.

If you deviate from the instructions, or if yourdell quickset program is in a different location than mine (but it should be the same) you may need to edit these files in notepad to fix file paths to quickset.exe

Step 1:

Download and unzip the

Then put restartquickset.bat and restartquickset.vbs in "C:\" [open explorer, -> This Pc -> LocalDisk (C:\) ]. It'll ask for permission to move files there, hit yes.

Step 2: Set Up the Scheduled Task

open task scheduler (windows 8 calls it "schedule tasks" in start menu), hit create task and select options like in the photos. Hit OK, enter password if prompted, and you're done!

update: alternate setup that does not require password or pin.



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    4 years ago on Introduction

    Congratulations on posting your first Instructable! I hope we see more from you in the future!