Dell Vostro Laptop Screen Replacement

Introduction: Dell Vostro Laptop Screen Replacement

Hi I am Monishita from Kolkata, India. I work in Techyuga a well known brand for laptop repairing in India and Kolkata. With the guidance of the our well trained technicians I for the 1st time replace my Dell Vostro laptop screen by myself. It seems quite easy to me and I wanted to share the instruction with other people who can easily replace their laptop screen by themselves. Here is the step by step instructions-

Needed Tools- 1. New LCD Screen.
2. Phillips Screw Driver.

How to Replace Laptop LCD Screen by Yourself-

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Step 1:

Power Off the Laptop and remove the battery from the back of your laptop.

Step 2:

Now remove the screw cover with a blade.

Step 3:

Now you can open the screw with the help of the screwdriver from the front Bezel. Keep the screw safely at side.

Step 4:

The put your finger gently between the screen and front bezel and pull the bezel softly till it comes out completely.

Step 5:

Remove the frame screws.

Step 6:

As for now your LCD screen is only connected with the LCD Cable. To separate the LCD completely need to disconnect the LCD Cable. For that gently tilt the LCD cable in front and disconnect the cable with your hand.

Step 7:

Replace the old screen with the new one and reconnect the LCD Cable with the new screen.

Step 8:

After that put the frame screw on.

Step 9:

Place the bezel properly the put the bezel screw on.

Step 10:

Reconnect the battery with the laptop. Now you are done, to recheck everything power on the Laptop.

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    Great tutorial. I will definitely save this for reference in case I ever need to do this with my laptop.