Delorean Back to the Future Prop

Today for Halloween I'm building the front part of the delorean from BTTF. So it looks like it's crashed in the bush.

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Step 1: Research

First you want to see how big the frame is and the type of wood you will use

Step 2: The Frame

I use the largest wood I had, they were about 60 inches long. Then I stacked the wood pieces together and to connect them I used 3 inch nails to hammer them in.

Step 3: Sturdy Connection

Since the wood is large, it will not stay together easily. So I used clamps that fit into each wood piece, then I used the same nails to hammer them in place.

Step 4: The Hood

Now it's time to make the hood actually look like a hood! First you need to find wood that you can cut down to fit on top of the frame. The wider the piece, the better. I used scrap wood and old parts from selves. Then nailed them to the frame with regular sized nails.

Step 5: Decorate

Now it's time to make the hood look nice! I used silver spray paint on the hood and the sides, and black spray paint on the front. The DMC symbol can be made with cardboard by just spray painting the letters silver. You can find adhesive LED push lights at the dollar store for headlights.

Step 6: Wheels

A car has tires! So I found two spare tires, but they were rusted and I spray painted them silver to make them look nice and new. Then when the car is up just prop the tires onto the sides of the car.

Step 7: Finding the Perfect Spot

You want to find a spot that people can always see. I picked a bush by the side walk. A wall can work to but just make sure it looks like the hood crashed through it.

Step 8: Extra Props

To make the Delorean look more convincing, I put back to the future props around it . Like the flux capacitor I made out of a cardboard box and LEDs. Then I made Air mags out of old shoes and foam and duck tape. I also put my hover board by the car and a sign on the tree that says SPEED LIMIT 88.

Step 9: Have Fun!

You just built a Delorean! If it's for Halloween make your costume BTTF related and I'm sure you will have the best house in the neighborhood! And make sure you VOTE for me for the BACK TO THE FUTURE CONTEST! Thank you!

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    3 years ago

    this is amazing??


    3 years ago

    I love Back to the Future! Your Delorean turned out great!