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Introduction: Delux Duct Tape Wallet

About: Just a crusty ole Iraqi Freedom Vet with nothing else to do but learn new and intresting crafts! Really love this site and the minds of people who come up with incredible ideas!

Made with 100% Tape!



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    I saw these and I am blown away! Can you please make a tutorial for one if you have any time? Thank you so much! =)

    I saw on your DL that you are (were) from San Antonio, TX that is awesome that you are so close to me and you are doing such great work. Keep it up love all the wallets!

    thank you for serving your country.these wallets look really cool.i've been out of work for about a year and a half.this website really helped to alleaviate the boredom.

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    Yes I know exactly what you mean im 100% disabled so I cant work. This site has giving me a chance to meet new people and learn new crafts! Thank you for supporting us troops we would be nothing without our countries support!

    Thanks! I make them for fun and for gifts! I try to come up with different and intresting ways to craft. I have viewed many duct tape wallet tutorials and used that to create my own. Thanks for the feedback and Go K-STATE!!