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So in the past few months my Father passed away, I've lost my job (I worked at lowe's as a DM if you google it you'll see why), and pretty much EVERYTHING is going wrong.. however I luckily have my art and my friends online that like it that I still feel pretty lucky. I let my demon out in this painting to get out my anger, but I quickly realize that even though I'm sad or upset.. It's not that bad. (aside from my Dad passing that's not okay) I have love for body painting.. I need to focus on that for now. =) if you want to subscribe and help me out! <3 Thank you for everyone here on Instrucables. I love you guys!

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Step 1: Sketch It Out

Using my white eyeliner pencil as normal I went ahead and sketched out my 'idea'... witch was whatever popped into my head. haha.

Step 2: Base

For the base of the demon side I took orange body paint from Mehron and filled it in. It's taking up MOST of my face due to the fact that I felt like my demon was taking up most of my actions at that time. I also went with an orange/red/yellow color pallet due to the fact that I was feeling angry. If I had been feeling sad I would have probably done a blue/purple pallet. It's just based off how you feel!

Step 3: How I Did the Horns

So to make the horns I actually just used model magic, witch is a light clay that stays light even after drying witch is great for making prosthetic's. I molded them into a lot of different horn shapes and sizes due to the fact that I didn't have a plan going into it so I ended up with extra witch is better then having to little. haha. I then took something called spirit gum, it's an adhesive meant to be used on the skin but make sure you have the remover that goes with it so it's easier to take off. I place that adhesive where I wanted the horn to be then I tap it tell it gets tacky (like gum) and that's when you place the horn on top. It's best to remove the body paint from where you want the horn to be, it will hold better.

Step 4: Painting the Horns

I started off by taking the color mango from Mehron and put it at the base of the horns.

I then took the color yellow from Mehron and covered the rest of the horn blending it into the mango color.

I then took beach berry from Mehron and put it below the horn and blended it out a little as well as drug some of that color up on the horn blending it into the mango color.

I took a red eyeshadow from the BH cosmetics smokey eye pallet and blended the red out more.

I took a black eye shadow called blackout from urban decay and repeated the same thing I did with the red shadow but didn't drag it out as far.

I then took a black body paint from Mehron on a detail brush and made lines all along the horns.

Step 5: Contouring

taking that same red shadow I added some angry brow bones as well as taking the color on the sides of my nose to contour it.

Step 6: Shadow and Highlights

Taking a very little amount of black eye shadow I depend up the contour, then I took that mango color and used it to highlight around the face.

Step 7: Teeth

Taking white body paint from Mehron I added the teeth, then I used that some white to pre-highlight the gums and also help me map out where the gums are.

Step 8: Gums

I took that mango color and filled in the gums, then I also drug that where the hole in the cheek will be to pre-highlight it

Step 9: Black

I took black body paint from mehron and outlined each tooth and filled in around them, as well as filling in that empty cheek.

Step 10: Shadowing

Taking the same black and red shadow I'm adding shadow around the gums as well as around that open cheek thing. haha.

Step 11: Teeth Detail

I took a very little bit of black shadow and added texture to the teeth.

Step 12: More Shadows

To make it look like the demon skin is sitting under the human side I used the red along the ends then I took some black (very small amount) and depend it.

Step 13: Dots

I used some yellow body paint to add dots all around the face randomly and some black shadow to make more dots.

Step 14: Eye Makeup

I used that red shadow all over the lid. Then I took some black liquid eyeliner to make a big wing, then I took some black shadow under the lower lash line. I then used that black shadow in the crease of my lid.

Step 15: Human Side

I took a foundation that matched my skin and put that all over the human side.

Step 16: Pull Marks

I used some contour colors that work with my skin type and a little away from the line of my human side a made a shadow. This helps with the illusion that the human skin is getting pulled away from the demon skin.

Step 17: Eye Makeup

on the other eye I kept it very simple by just adding a nude brown to the lid and adding a slightly darker brown on the outer corner

Step 18: Mascara

Very simple I added mascara to both eyes.

Step 19: Body Start

I decided the body would mostly be human and a little of the demon. So I drug that orange across one shoulder.

Step 20: Horns

just like the face I added the horns.

Step 21: Random Detail

I decided I wanted to shadow the teeth a little more. So I took a brown shadow and added it to the ends of the teeth on both sides to make it look like they were sitting further bath then the rest.

Step 22: Some Steps

I shadowed the ends of the demon skin the same way I did the face.

Step 23: Horns

I painted the horns the same as the face.

Step 24: More Details

and added the dots the same as the face. haha p

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