Demon Dog Halloween Prop

Introduction: Demon Dog Halloween Prop

Step 1: Forming the Shape

you will need....
- Corigated Cardboard
- Hot glue gun and glue sticks
- newspaper
- maskingtape
- Card

the head was created from a ball of newspaper held together with masking tape. the body is made from a 2D peice of cardboard cut to shape of the desired body then semi-oval shapes were hotglued to this to make it 3D. Card was cut to desired shape and added to form the facial features. the two peices were then taped together. At some point i had to use duct tape as normal tape would not hold the head on. 

Step 2:

The whole thing was paper mached and i attached legs using rolled up newspaper and corigated carboard. I recomend using 4 layers of mache strips.

Step 3: Added the Detail

paper mache clay was used to cover the entire body and add some detail. this was done in small steps so that the whole structure wouldnt collapse under the weight of the moisture.

Step 4:

the whole prop was painted brown as an under coat. Then fur was added, which i painted brown with a watered down poster paint. this gives a really realistic effect that unfortunatly doesnt show up well in photos.

Step 5: Final Touches

i used paint to finish off the ribs, red, brown and black were mixed together to make the blood colour. then once that had dried watered down glue was dripped over the entire area around the ribs to make the blood look fresh. the eye took some time and skill to paint but looks really cool. i would suggest making the eyes 3D though.

The prop took me a while to make but was well worth it!

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