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Introduction: Den Remodel

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I started this project as a repair. The dryer duct from our laundry room was run through the ceiling of our den with flexible dryer hose. So after 30 or so years the lint that was trapped in the valleys was soaked with water and started leaking through the ceiling. The den was very ugly and circa 1970, so we wanted to remodel anyways. I ended up completely gutting the den. It had fake wood paneling on the wall studs, and popcorn ceiling.

We first tore down the celiing and removed the ceiling fans. Then we tore off the fake wood paneling. Unfortunately, there was no drywall behind the paneling. We then tore up the carpeting and carpet pad, and removed all staples, nails, etc. Once everything was removed I re routed the dryer vent through the front of the house, so it was no longer in the den. We purchased can lighting and installed 12 can lights, replacing the 2 ceiling fans that were there previously. Once the lighting was in and all the wiring was right, we installed new drywall on the ceiling. We rented a drywall dolly from Home Depot. Lifesaver. 

We decided to put dimmers on the light switches, so rewired those, and installed new outlets. Then, we decided to install a pocket door to replace the regular interior door into the laundry room. We just purchased a pocket door kit from Home Depot. It was not the easiest thing, and to tell you the truth is a little flimsy. But it works. We then put the new drywall up on the walls. There was a small closet under the stairwell going upstars, we took that door off and made it open, and installed beadboard on the inside. It is more like a small desk area now.

Next, we installed wood flooring on the cement slab. We were told this could not be done with real wood flooring, but it can. You have to use this special glue. It was a MESS. It is definitely a two person job. We slathered the floor a section at a time and put the pieces of wood down, smooshing them into place, and then placing painter's tape over the seams to hold them in place as we moved along. This was a long process. But, it looks fantastic.

We installed crown molding along the ceiling and new baseboards along the floor.  We then finished the drywall and painted the ceiling a light blue color. We painted the walls a light sand color and the trim white. Our next plan is to install built in bookcases on either side of the fireplace. But for now this part is finished!

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