Denim Bottle Holder With Rainbow Handle



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Old pair of jeans

Needle and thread

Fabric markers (optional)

Cording or a belt

Measure out how much you need You need to be able to have enough length of cording for a strap to holder to wear over your shoulder or wear around your neck easily.


Step 1: Old Jeans

Find some old jeans

Step 2: Find a Belt or Cording

I stepped intimate from an old belts for cording or anything that you like.

Step 3: Decorate

You can use buttons or ribbon or anything like to decorate your denim water bottle holder

Step 4: Sew on Strap and Decorations

Now you can sew on your button or any decorations What I did was put the needle through the button hole into the strap so that I sew the button and the strap on at the same time.

Step 5: Get a Bottle

Make sure I got a bottle that fit this particular size pant leg.

Step 6: Place the Bottle in the Holder

Find a bottle that fits in this pant size

We can wear it over your shoulder. Or you can wear it around her neck.

Step 7: Draw Your Own Art on It

You can even decorated with your own drawings.

Step 8: Secure the Bottom

Cut a seam and secure it to the bottom. Tuck the seam piece inside the holder and stitch about 10 times on the left and the right sides, this will keep the bottle from slipping out.



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