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Introduction: Denim Desk Tidy

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What Inspired me?

Well, it was payday so i decided to roam through the shopping strip that is close to where i live. I noticed the frames they have in one of the shops and thought they would look nice. But since i didn't have anything to place in side, i decided to make something for everything else on my desk such as pens. And little bits and bobs.

You will need;

- An A4 frame

- Denim

- Scissors and utility knife

- Hot glue gun

- Hot glue sticks

Step 1: Removing the Glass

Step one - Removing the glass

Removing the glass is actually pretty easy. It involves bending four metal strips out of the way of the glass. These metal strips are used to keep the back board, glass and photo in place when hanging or while in use.

If the metal strips are difficult to move, feel free to use a flat headed screw driver and pride the strip up. When this is done. Just take out everything. You just need the frame. Remember to keep the back board for later.

Step 2: Cutting the Denim

Step two - Cutting the denim

Cutting the denim involves grabbing a pair of old jeans, and cutting them up. You will need to be careful as you might slip. Always be cautious when using a sharp tool such as scissors.

You will need a strip that is the frame size in width, and 70mm in height. Cut this using the scissors. You will also need a piece that is 130mm height, another that is 240mm and one last one that is 300mm height.

Step 3: Finishing the Denim

Step three - Finishing the denim

On the first three pieces, fold the top of the strip using a ruler. Make sure you have at most 20mm and then using the hot glue gun or fabric glue, attach this. This will act as a lip so you don't fray the denim.

Step 4: Gluing the Denim

Step four - Gluing the denim

Glue the first (smallest height) onto the frame. Using the hot glue gun, apply hot glue to the lower part of the frame and then apply pressure to the strip once added. Completed this with all four pieces. Remember the tallest piece is actually a backing piece so no lip is required.

Step 5: Finishing Up

Step five - Finishing up

Neaten the product up. This could include removing bits of hot glue using a utility knife. On top of this, place the back-board back onto the frame. Use your fingers to gently push the metal strips back on to the frame.

Step 6: Finished!!!


Nice! You have done. You can really have fun with this project, add what ever you want. Feel free to apply stitching and pen to personalise your item.

I really hope you enjoyed this project. Please follow and favourite for more summer projects like this. Feel free to comment a project you would like me to create and if you have any issues when creating your denim desk tidy, comment and ill answer best I can. Thank you!

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